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Witchy Woodland

This is my life, and these are my interests. I am a proud pagan who loves crafting, baking, photography, nature, art and adventure. This blog is about my life, my desires, my loves and all that lies in between. So come and read, look at pictures, enjoy, and above all have a good time! Many of the photos I use are my own, but I do enjoy reblogging as well.

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*Being sold on Etsy*
This beautiful coin jasper necklace is gorgeous in its simplicity. Wrapped in silver colored copper, the copper acts as an energy enhancer for the wearer, and the silver color represents the power of the moon. The jasper stone is deeply protective, and can help to align all of the chakras while being worn. In this necklace the turquoise chip is meant to help the protective powers of the jasper for the wearer. This piece is charged with the cool clean mountain air energy of a beautiful sunny winter day.

I had a great deal of fun making this piece.  It has a very lovely subtle magic to it.  Not to mention that this piece of jasper is especially stunning!  It reminds me of  looking at the earth as you fly in an airplane.

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