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Witchy Woodland | *Being sold on Etsy*...

Witchy Woodland

This is my life, and these are my interests. I am a proud pagan who loves crafting, baking, photography, nature, art and adventure. This blog is about my life, my desires, my loves and all that lies in between. So come and read, look at pictures, enjoy, and above all have a good time! Many of the photos I use are my own, but I do enjoy reblogging as well.

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*Being sold on Etsy*

This beautiful pendant is reminiscent of an autumn day. It is full of very good light and bright energy. It is made out of silver colored copper wire, and red coral chips. The silver colored copper acts as both an energy conductor of the wearer, but also is silver for the power of the harvest moon. The coral symbolizes joy and happiness and enables the wearer to truly enjoy life. It helps to bring quiet the emotions, bring peace within the self, but also facilitates imagination, intuition and visualization. It’s healing properties include helping to stimulate blood flow and the circulatory system and helps with issues of the heart.

This beautiful tree pendant is very special and uniquely shaped like a tear drop. It has a great deal of magic inside of it and to be honest after I made it I held onto it for quite sometime before I decided that it was meant for someone else, and I am certain that special someone will find this talisman just right for them.

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